Your view of licensed products

Your opinion counts. So we'd like to know what you think about licensing programs. Please answer whether or not you carry any licensed product so we will have an accurate representation of all viewpoints.


What is your opinion of the future of licensed product, not just to your store, but to the industry as a whole, for each of the following segments?
Licensed products for Will become LESS important Will stay about the same Will become MORE important No opinion
  1 2 3 4
Outdoor dining sets
Outdoor conversation groups
Outdoor rugs
Other outdoor accessories

Tell us whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.
  Disagree completely Disagree somewhat Neither agree nor disagree Agree somewhat Agree completely
  1 2 3 4 5
Margins for licensed products are higher
Quality of licensed product doesn't match expectations
Consumers ask for licensed products
Licensed product makes advertising easier
Consumers find licensed products expensive
Marketing/advertising support available from licensor
Licensed product provides a built-in story
It's difficult to deal with licensing terms
We get better quality in non-licensed product
Carrying licensed product brings consumers in the door
Licensed product is too expensive to carry
Licensed product enhances our store's brand or image

Are you carrying licensed product in your store for this year?
   No    Not currently, but have in the past    Not currently, but plan to add this year
   Yes    Currently carry, but are phasing out  

In which categories did you carry licensed product in 2008?
What percentage of SKUs on your floor in 2008 were licensed? How will that percentage of SKUs change in 2009?
Carried licensed product in 2008
Percentage of SKUs on floor
in 2008
Change for percentage of SKUs on floor in 2009
Stay the same
Outdoor dining sets
Outdoor conversation groups
Outdoor rugs
Other outdoor accessories

What percentage did licensed products account for of your total annual sales in 2008?
Licensed product for ... Percentage of total annual sales in 2008
Outdoor dining sets %
Outdoor conversation groups %
Outdoor rugs %
Other outdoor accessories %

Please add any other comments about your experience with licensed products, or why you carry or do not carry them.
Why you carry licensed products Why you don't carry licensed products

Which best describes your store(s)?
   Casual furniture specialty
   Garden center
   Full-line furniture store
   Pool & patio store
   Hearth & patio store
   Department store
   Discount department store
   Hardware/home improvement center
   Other, please specify in the space below

How many stores do you operate?
   total count

What were your total annual sales for all stores in 2008?
  Under $1 million
  $1 million to $4.99 million
  $5 million to $9.99 million
  $10 million to $19.99 million
  $20 million or more

In order for us to avoid duplicate responses, please provide your store's name and location.
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